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We work in the construction industry designing new buildings and the spaces in and around them. We also help restore and conserve old buildings, and develop new ways of using existing buildings. We are involved in construction projects from the earliest stages right through to completion.

The design process begins with developing initial ideas with the client. We asks detailed questions to find out exactly what the client wants and how much money is available for the project. The needs of people who will use the building, and the impact of the building on the local community and the environment must also be taken into account.

We produces designs using computer-aided design (CAD), showing how the spaces in the building will be organised, what the building will look like in its environment and how it will be built. On a large project, a team of architects produce the designs.

Most designs need approval from bodies such as local planning and building control departments, as well as from the client. Once the designs have been accepted, the we produces detailed drawings for the builder to use. When building is under way, we visits the site to check progress and inspect the work.

We work closely with other professionals on every project, including engineers, surveyors, architectural technicians and technologists, to make sure that their buildings meet the necessary standards. We also work closely with construction specialists on site and oversee the project from beginning to end.

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Satrapa Ltd

Jan Satrapa - CEO

10 Nathans Road, Wembley, HA0 3RY 

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Monday & Tuesday: 09 AM to 03 PM

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